It may not be the most fun thing to think about, but planning ahead for your funeral can allow you to make informed decisions about what you want to happen after you are gone from this world. By pre-planning, you can decide ahead on the specific items and services you want for your funeral. You create time for yourself to compare prices at other funeral homes, and what is best for you and your individual needs.

Pre-planning also means your family will not have the extra stress of making these hard decisions without you. Assisting families with their funeral arrangements in advance is a service we are proud to provide to our clients.

We offer pre-paid funeral plans, funded by bank trusts, savings accounts, or life insurance products. When fully funded, pre-planning provides the assurance of a plan that will keep up with inflation, thereby assuring your loved ones your funeral plan is guaranteed.

We also offer flexible payment plans to those wishing to fund an account over a longer period of time, and we record funeral information and wishes for those who elect not to fund their arrangements at this time, but know what type of services they would want.

It is also recommended to write your wishes down on paper and give a copy to your family members and your attorney, so everyone knows exactly what you want after your passing. Don’t rely on a will to get these points across, because oftentimes a will is not read until after the funeral has taken place.

Please keep in mind that funeral arrangements may only be established by meeting with a funeral director. Call us at 540-745-2121 today to schedule a meeting with our funeral director. When you’re ready to discuss these hard decisions, we’ll be here to help.

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